BIG CHICK FRIED CHICKEN is an Indian owned and operated quick service restaurant brand. BIG CHICK is a quick service chicken restaurant serving the tastiest crumb fried chicken, burgers, wraps, salads, fries, nuggets, wedges and many more….BIG CHICK turnkey programme delivers two important ingredients - - maximum flexibility & return on investment. Combine this with the best tasting chicken and a thriving growth segment and you have got a lucrative business model you can bank on.

BIG CHICK FRIED CHICKEN operates in three models
  • Restaurant - 800 sqr feet – 1500 sqr feet
  • Express – 250 sqr feet – 600 sqr feet
  • Food Court
BIG CHICK FRIED CHICKEN believes that an important element to its franchise system is the owner/operator philosophy. When an operator of a restaurant is also the owner, he tends to pay particular attention to all of the details required for serving high quality food, with wonderful customer service at reasonable prices. Big chick fried chicken seeks the finest, hardest working individuals to open new franchise locations across India.

When you join the BIG CHICK family you receive the support provided by an organization committed to success. You will also benefit from the experience of a professional management team. BIG CHICK has developed an effective, systematic process to get our franchises up and running quickly. That support includes Restaurant Design, Operational support, Purchasing, Equipment selection, Training, Advertising and Marketing and Site selection.

Restaurant Design
BIG CHICK provides complete design (exteriors and interiors) and construction services available through the BIG CHICK system, including custom concept plans and blue prints created for franchisee by our state of the art CAD system. The Restaurant Design team stands ready to assist with projects ranging from new locations to conversions and remodels.

Construction & Equipment
As a Franchisee you receive guidance in the layout and design of your restaurant. We outline the essential equipment required for a location (i.e. Fryers, Hamburger Toasters, Freezers, Exhaust system, Gas bank etc.). All equipment necessary for your BIG CHICK location may be purchased direct from BIG CHICK at market competitive pricing. While you are not obligated to purchase equipment from BIG CHICK, for our Franchisees convenience we offer major equipment, restaurant small wares and customized building equipment at a significant savings.

Proper training is absolutely essential for maintaining the consistency and integrity of the BIG CHICK operation. To that end, we set rigorous standards for staff development. We conduct a detailed and focused comprehensive training program for your key personal and staff. This in depth education continues through the opening of your BIG CHICK.

Operational Support
Each Franchisee is assigned a BIG CHICK Franchisee Consultant (AreaManager). They will consult with you and make recommendations concerning financial analysis, promotions and restaurant operations. This will insure the highest standard of operational procedures thus maximizing sales and profitability.

BIG CHICK provides with the main ingredients – secret recipe powder specially prepared with several herbs and spices to be used for preparing BIG CHICK FRIED CHICKEN products. BIG CHICK negotiates preferential prices on behalf of its franchisees for other products. We provide specifications for approved products and list of approved vendors. BIG CHICK’s purchasing operation is intended solely to ensure quality assurance and cost effectiveness.

Advertising & Marketing
No business can be successful without creative advertising and an intelligent marketing plan. To continually attract our diverse customer base, out advertising must reach faster, be more daring, more innovative, and more focused on the specific community in which each location is situated. Our experience has shown this is only proven method to stay ahead of the competition. Every month new offers and promotions.

BIG CHICK Restaurants
The most sophisticated essential equipments are used to fry Crumb Fried Chicken and products. We emphasize on clean and hygienic environment in which we prepare food. Stringent quality standards are maintained to provide the best quality, service and cleanliness befitting International norms coupled with top Indian hospitality. BIG CHICK after study introduced the concept of the guest ordering at the counter point of sale but, still enjoying the service convenience of a full service Dining establishment. This allows a perfect harmony between the efficiency of the west with top hospitability that India is known for the world over. This type of a layout and system results in a faster turnover, a higher average check and guest participation, encouraging a relationship building the company and its patrons. The ambience, the décor, our uniforms, music, the vibrant themes and the entire feel has been developed keeping quick service hospitality in mind.

Home Delivery
The free home delivery system gives the opportunity for customers to have BIG CHICK food served on their doorstep.

BIG CHICK Information Technology
Our unique software system enables the chain to build individual profiles on every guest. Not only does the system provide a faster more efficient service for our guests, but also tracks the popularity of products via a vis sales mix / product mix analysis. It assists with stock control and quality control and provided instant monitoring of marketing and financial performance of each outlet.

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